There are many reasons that make Pano Photography your preferred choice of virtual tour provider. Below are just a few examples of the dedication and commitment we like to present to our clients in providing an affordable quality service. All of which formulates for a successful project in achieving your objectives, and allowing virtual tours to become a part of your company’s innovation to modern methods of advertising.

We are dedicated

We are only satisfied with our own work once our customers are 100% happy with the end result. We always aim to please our clients and like to feel confident that they are satisfied and would recommend us for our quality of service. We are dedicated in what we do, and aim to go further to ensure you achieve your objectives.

We are flexible

We have the ability to work around your timeframe and occasionally provide our services on weekends in order to meet your requests. We also have the flexibility to provide our services after hours which allows for non disruption to your current work load. Our project management skills allow us to keep a tight schedule and ensuring the project delivery is smooth and goes to plan.

We request payment on completion only

We invoice your company at the end of a project, and do not require deposits to get the project rolling.

We create full screen 360 by 180 tours

All our tours are photographed to produce full 360 by 180 degree viewing. This allows the customer to view fully up and fully down. All our tours also come with full screen options.

We offer best value

We believe that our virtual tours can provide your company with the highest quality and features that represent the best value on the market. 

We don’t have hidden charges

Our virtual tours and property video tours don’t come with hidden charges. You can calculate and budget your cost from our simple package schedule, and be confident that we will not add additional charges for unforeseen or non listed additions.

We customise your tour around your brand

We like to provide a custom look to our tours that blends with your brand and theme. This provides a unique tailored virtual tour for your company which will seamlessly merge with your web content.

We are experienced

We maybe comparatively new in the market however we are still experienced enough to provide you with an affordable quality service that will meet your requirements.

We use high-tech equipment

We use equipment that allows us to capture high quality data to produce stunning results. We don’t use poor quality one shot lens to capture our creations. Our equipment also allows us to photograph multiple shots from a single point, which makes for efficient stitching. All of which formulate time and money saved which can be passed onto our clients.

We can supply multiple formats

All our tours are produced using the latest software and can be tasked with generating multiple output formats to suit your requirements. The preferred format and most popular (99% of computer users) is FLASH. However we can also generate tours in HTML5, CSS3 and Quicktime format.

We are registered VR Photographers

We are members of the International VR Photography Association (IVRPA). The IVRPA is an international association of professionals who create and produce 360 degree interactive and immersive images.

Our lead photographer David Evans also holds the Google Trusted Photographer status for Pembrokeshire and surrounding counties, which enables him to create virtual tours for Google.